DebConf Videoteam sprint report - day 5

2017-11-24 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

This is the last report of the videoteam sprint in Cambridge. Here are the links to the previous reports:

Cambridge Mini-DebConf livestream

You can find all the instructions on how to watch the livestream for the Cambridge Mini-DebConf here.


We did not have as much time as the previous days to sprint today since we had to move our gear to ARM during the afternoon and prepare the room.


Stefano scraped metadata for two new DebConfs today! More on the way.

He also worked on tuning and licensing the metadata scraping tools and the automated YouTube upload scripts we are using.

After some tinkering tumbleweed was also able to fix a problem we've been having with our sponsor loop since DC16. The only thing we were able to loop was a bunch of PNG files, but we now can loop a MPEG-2 video. Hurray!


Andy finished the sponsor loop and wrote documentation on how to make one today.


Wouter has worked all week long on SReview, the video reviewing software he wrote. The documentation should now be much more complete. A Debian package for SReview is also under way!


Nicolas started his day by building us working Cat6 to Serial adapters for our tally lights. We should now have enough for all of our cameras.

He also worked on displaying a background with the Cambridge Mini-DebConf logo and fixed the Mini-DebConf livestream webviewer on our documentation page.


I worked a bit on our documentation website to modify the default template and add a webviewer for our livestream. The idea was that we can have a permanent webviewer for our streams for the mini-debconfs.

My thing wasn't working, mainly because I'm not very good with JS and I had to cook us some lunch, so olasd fixed it for me.

Thank you!

This sprint would not have been possible without the support of Debian, the folks at the Cambridge mini-DebConf and their sponsors.

Thank you!