Who am I?

My name is Louis-Philippe Véronneau and I am an Economist specialising in Free Software and a Debian Developer. These days, I teach Economics to college students in Montréal, Canada.


All the projects I work on and find important are on my project page.

You can find all the projects I contribute to on Gitlab and on Github. I try to host most of my code on Gitlab, but sadly Github seems to be a must for some bigger projects.

This website runs on Pelican, a free software static blog generator in Python. You can find the code behind this website here.


Louis-Philippe Véronneau, a.k.a pollo

Email: pollo@debian.org

GPG: 677F 54F1 FA86 81AD 8EC0 BCE6 7AEA C4EC 6AAA 0A97

OTR: DBFB6DCD E42AC5B1 ED961A4E 51D55B16 27DC31E0