Here is a list of my pet projects:

DebConf Video Team

Do you know the Debian project? If you don't, you should check it out.

Well, the Debian project has an annual conference called DebConf. I've been with the team capturing the conference (the DebConf videoteam) since 2015 and I quite like it :D.

Check out our ansible playbooks.

ISBG (Imap Spam Be Gone)

At my job, we needed a way to filter spam on a mail server we were not controlling. Our hosting company is very nice, but does not have to resources to run something like SpamAssassin on all the messages.

ISBG (Imap Spam Be Gone) is a nice little program that uses a local SpamAssassin server to filter spam via IMAP. Basically it:

So yeah, you get to stay with you email hosting company, minus the spam.

Check it out:


I like music and I am a bit of a lossless music freak. FLAC is a very nice open-standard and most of my music collection is FLAC files.

I also like my music collection to be classified in a very specific manner. Here's where rename-flac comes in.

With rename-flac, you can rename FLAC files based on your music collection metadata, all on the command-line. That means that you only have to care about the metadata of your files and rename-flac does the rest. Neat eh?

Check it out:

My bicycle

I love bicycles. They are beautiful machines and are part of a different way of seeing cities.

Anyway, I've been riding bikes for a while now, 4 seasons a year. Hell yeah, winter biking.

My current summer bike has:

Here's a picture of it: