DebConf Videoteam sprint report - day 4

2017-11-23 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

Day 4 of the videoteam sprint!

Pictures of Our Lives

"Countless" people wrote to me asking for more pictures of our marvelous sprint, especially of our feline friend. How could I resist?

Giving the cat scritches

View on the garden behing the house

Our voctomix setup

Now that we've got this covered, here's what we did today.



Stefano had to do some office work today and had very little time to hack on the videoteam stuff.

He did get access to the pentabarf XML of DebConf 7 to 13. This should help a great lot generating the video metadata for our archive.

He also played around with YouTube a little. It seems we already got our first copyright strike! Gotta love remixes of The Lion King hidden in DebConf videos.


Ivo left us to work with the Debian Release Team today. Sad!


Andy and Kyle got together today and worked on making a list of the audio hardware we should buy to replace our old kit.

He also finished the video loop we are going to use at the mini-conf.


Kyle has some time today and gave Andy a call to work on our audio gear wishlist. He also worked on designing a flight case for it.

We will eventually submit a budget request to buy said kit.


Nicolas mainly worked on refactoring the ansible module that generates the TLS certificates for our streaming network.


Our ansible roles are now all documented! I'm happy this is all done. Next, I'll try to remove some of the ugly hacks in our ansible repository.

We finished the day by going to the Polish Club. Here's a picture of the team!

Dinner at the Cambridge Polish Club