Montreal Subway Foot Traffic Data, 2021 edition

2022-01-21 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

For the third time now, I've asked Société de Transport de Montréal, Montreal's transit agency, for the foot traffic data of Montreal's subway. I think this has become an annual thing now :)

The original blog post and the 2019-2020 edition can be read here:

By clicking on a subway station, you'll be redirected to a graph of the station's foot traffic.


  • The subway map displayed on this page, the original dataset and my modified dataset are licenced under CCO 1.0: they are in the public domain.

  • The R code I wrote is licensed under the GPLv3+. It's pretty much the same code as last year. I've also added a converter script this time around. I takes the manually cleaned 2021 source data and turns it into something that can be merged with the global dataset. I had one last year and deleted it, for some reason...