Clojure Team 2022 Sprint Report

2022-05-18 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

This is the report for the Debian Clojure Team remote sprint that took place on May 13-14th.

Looking at my previous blog entries, this was my first Debian sprint since July 2020! Crazy how fast time flies...

Many thanks to those who participated, namely:

  • Rob Browning (rlb)
  • Elana Hashman (ehashman)
  • Jérôme Charaoui (lavamind)
  • Leandro Doctors (allentiak)
  • Louis-Philippe Véronneau (pollo)

Sadly, Utkarsh Gupta — although having planned on participating — ended up not being able to and worked on DebConf Bursary paperwork instead.


Rob mostly worked on creating a dh-clojure tool to help make packaging Clojure libraries easier.

At the moment, most of the packaging is done manually, by invoking build tools by hand. Having a tool to automate many of the steps required to build Clojure packages would go a long way in making them more uniform.

His work (although still very much a WIP) can be found here:



  • Finished the Java Team VCS migration to the Clojure Team namespace.
  • Worked on updating Leiningen to 2.9.8.
  • Proposed an upstream dependency update in Leiningen to match Debian's most recent version.
  • Gave pollo Owner access on the Clojure Team namespace and added lavamind as a Developer.
  • Uploaded Clojure 1.10.3-1.
  • Updated sjacket-clojure to version and uploaded it to experimental.
  • Added build tests to spec-alpha-clojure.
  • Filed bug #1010995 for missing test dependency for Clojure.
  • Closed bugs #976151, #992735 and #992736.


It was Jérôme's first time working on Clojure packages, and things went great! During the sprint, he:

  • Joined the Clojure Team on salsa.
  • Identified missing dependencies to update puppetdb to the 7.x release.
  • Learned how to package Clojure libraries in Debian.
  • Packaged murphy-clojure, truss-clojure and encore-clojure and uploaded them to NEW.
  • Began to package nippy-clojure.


Leandro joined us on Saturday, since he couldn't get off work on Friday. He mostly continued working on replacing our in-house scripts for /usr/bin/clojure by upstream's, a task he had already started during GSoC 2021.

Sadly, none of us were familiar with Debian's mechanism for alternatives. If you (yes you, dear reader) are familiar with it, I'm sure he would warmly welcome feedback on his development branch.


As for me, I:

  • Fixed a classpath bug in core-async-clojure that was breaking other libraries.
  • Added meaningful autopkgtests to core-async-clojure.
  • Uploaded new versions of tools-analyzer-clojure and trapperkeeper-clojure with autopkgtests.
  • Updated pomegranate-clojure and nrepl-clojure to the latest upstream version and revamped the way they were packaged.
  • Assisted lavamind with Clojure packaging.

Overall, it was quite a productive sprint!

Thanks to Debian for sponsoring our food during the sprint. It was nice to be able to concentrate on fixing things instead of making food :)

Here's a bonus picture of the nice sushi platter I ended up getting for dinner on Saturday night:

Picture of a sushi platter