Shared Puppet client modules group

2016-05-22 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

SOGÉÉCOM has about 15 client computers running Linux, i.e just a bit too much to maintain them manually. We could use a FAI, but this means we would have to reinstall all machines each time a small modification is made to our configs.

The obvious solution was using a configuration management system. Since we were already using Puppet successfully to maintain our servers, we decide it would do the job for clients too.

And guess what, it works beautifully.

Inspired by the awsome Puppet shared modules groups, from which we use some nice modules like apt, we decided it would be nice to pool resources and thus created a Puppet shared client modules groups. In the months to come, we will work hard polishing the different modules we wrote to maintain the different aspects of our clients in order to make them public.

If you use Puppet to maintain Linux clients and wish to share your modules, please join us! We hang out on channel #puppet and will shortly have a mailing list.