Montreal's Debian & Stuff - November 2023

2023-12-06 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

Hello from a snowy Montréal! My life has been pretty busy lately1 so please forgive this late report.

On November 19th, our local Debian User Group met at Montreal's most prominent hackerspace, Foulab. We've been there a few times already, but since our last visit, Foulab has had some membership/financial troubles. Happy to say things are going well again and a new team has taken over the space.

This meetup wasn't the most productive day for me (something about being exhausted apparently makes it hard to concentrate), but other people did a bunch of interesting stuff :)

  • Kienan & Gabriel worked on the libinfluxdb-http-perl package (now in Sid!), which is needed for smokeping.
  • Jérôme worked on updating JRuby to the latest upstream version.
  • I failed to update monitoring-plugins-systemd to the latest upstream version. It seems the entire test suite has been re-written and I couldn't make it work in sbuild...
  • Tiago and Tassia worked on the Debian Contributors website. More specifically, they added a DSA domains data source and created a scheduler on to make daily updates on the data sources in the dc-sources repository.
  • Michael worked on the 2024 NorthSec badge.
  • Gerard worked on debugging his broken AirGradient board.


Here are a bunch of pictures I took! Foulab is always a great place to snap quirky things :)

A sign on a whiteboard that says 'Bienvenue aux laboratoires qui rends fou' The entrance of the bio-hacking house, with a list of rules An exploded keyboard with a 'Press F1 to continue' sign An inflatable Tux with a Foulab T-Shirt A picture of the woodworking workshop

  1. More busy than the typical end of semester rush... At work, we are currently renegotiating our collective bargaining agreement and things aren't going so well. We went on strike for a few days already and we're planning on another 7 days starting on Friday 8th.