Montreal's Debian & Stuff - March 2024

2024-04-20 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

Time really flies when you are really busy you have fun! Our Montréal Debian User Group met on Sunday March 31st and I only just found the time to write our report :)

This time around, 9 of us we met at EfficiOS's offices1 to chat, hang out and work on Debian and other stuff!

Here is what we did:


  • did some clerical work for the DebConf videoteam
  • tried to book a plane ticket for DC24
  • triaged #1067620 (dependency problem with whipper)
  • closed #1067121 (flaky test in supysonic)
  • closed #1065514 (qpdfview crossbuilding)



  • planned & brainstormed for the upcoming Debian usability tests
  • mentored a student/new contributor (justin)
  • babysat a future contributor!
  • closed #1067649
  • learnt about & (thanks, pollo!)


  • uploaded puppet-strings 4.1.2-1 to unstable
  • updated various services in personal infra
  • cleaned vagrant-hostmanager and worked on packaging the new upstream release (1.8.10)
  • extended GPG key expiry
  • looked at options for a new backup machine


  • updated puppetdb to 8.4.1


  • opened #1068152 after a misfortune with #1068151
  • created new contributor accounts (salsa & wiki)


Here are pictures of the event. Well, one picture (thanks Tassia!) of the event itself and another one of the crisp Italian lager I drank at the bar after the event :)

People at the event working around a long table A glass of beer illuminated by sunlight

  1. Maintainers, amongst other things, of the great LTTng