Montreal's Debian & Stuff - February 2024

2024-02-07 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

New Year, Same Great People! Our Debian User Group met for the first of our 2024 bi-monthly meetings on February 4th and it was loads of fun. Around twelve different people made it this time to Koumbit, where the meeting happened.

As a reminder, our meetings are called "Debian & Stuff" because we want to be as open as possible and welcome people that want to work on "other stuff" than Debian.

Here is what we did:


  • tested a laptop that had a defective battery with a known good one (the problem was indeed with the battery :D)
  • renewed his expiring OpenPGP key
  • worked on removing trapperkeeper-scheduler-clojure from the DebCI reject_list
  • helped anarcat with packaging sigal
  • managed to feed most of the people present :)


  • worked with lavamind to upload new upstream release of smokeping


  • migrated from lxd to incus on his servers
  • helped anarcat with flashing his AirGradient


  • submitted a bug report on r-cran-rserve (promptly fixed/uploaded by maintainer!)
  • reviewed and uploaded smokeping
  • bug triaged the facter package
  • worked on puppet-agent new upstream version 8.4.0


  • updated puppet-strings from 2.9.0 to 4.2.1
  • reported upstream test failures on puppet-strings with recent versions of mdl

tvaz & tassia:

  • drafted a call & request for funding for the Vanier College FLOSS Club hardware marathon at Eastern Bloc
  • worked on an application to conduct research at Vanier College on Debian usability
  • babysitted :-)


  • worked on his AirGradient
  • debugged the WiFi and VPN setup on his new laptop



I was pretty busy this time around and ended up not taking a lot of pictures. Here's a bad one of the ceiling at Koumbit I took, and a picture by anarcat of the content of his boxes of loot:

A picture of the ceiling at Koumbit The content of anarcat's boxes of loot