Montreal's Debian & Stuff - April 2019

2019-03-30 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

We had another Debian & Stuff in Montreal last weekend. Some people from the local FOSS community wanted to gather and watch the LibrePlanet 2019 livestream and we thought merging it with a D&S would be a good idea.

People came and went, but all in all around 10 people showed up and we had tons of fun. I ended up hacking some more on my Tor Puppet module and played around with packaging the Tomu's bootloader in Debian.

Some of the talks were really great. The videos aren't online yet, but if you eventually want to watch some of them, Tarek Loubani's opening keynote on FOSS and medical devices in Gaza was amazing (and hard to watch1). I also really enjoyed Shauna Gordon-McKeon's talk on governing the software commons.

Thanks to the folks at Koumbit for hosting us!

  1. Amongst other things, he played videos of Israeli soldiers cheerfully sniping civilians, showed multiple pictures of kids loosing limbs and told us how a fellow doctor he was working with got pinned down and killed by sniper rounds fired by the IDF while trying to rescue injured civilians.