Montreal 2021 BSP

2021-03-29 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

Last weekend Debian Quebec held a Bug Squashing Party to try to fix some bugs in the upcoming Debian Bullseye.

I wasn't convinced at first, but Tassia's contagious energy and willingness to help organise the event eventually won me over. And — shockers! — it was really fun.

Group picture of the BSP attendees on Jitsi Meet

We fixed a couple of RC bugs, held lightning talks and had a virtual pizza party!

My lightning talk on autopkgtests was well received and a few people decided to migrate to sbuild and enable autopkgtests by default.

Sergio's talk on debuginfod was incredibly interesting. I'm not a C programmer and the live demo made me understand how this service can help making debugging C easier.

Jerome's talk on using Yubikeys to unlock LUKS encrypted drives was also very good! It also served as a reminder that Yubico's product are much more featureful and convenient to use than other Open Hardware/ Free Software hardware tokens. Hopefully that will change as enterprises like Nitrokey and Solokey mature.

This was my third BSP, crazy how time flies... With the Bullseye release closing in, you should try to join or organise one!