DebConf videoteam sprint - day 2

2016-11-18 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

This is the resumé of day 2 of the DebConf videoteam sprint in Paris. You can find day 1 résumé here.


We started the day by planning our sprint. We decided we needed to talk about:

  • Hardware (cams, audio, PCs, etc.)
  • Building a test lab
  • Provisioning & configuration management
  • Docs & Wiki
  • Archiving
  • Streaming & Network
  • Packaging tools
  • Shipping & Storage
  • Review


We need new hardware. We listed the stuff we need here. We plan to have a list to show to the DPL for approval at the end of the sprint.

Building a test lab

This is a project and is not likely to be implemented at the end of the sprint. We needed to talk about it because we need to plan for that hardware too.

So yeah, we want to have a test lab with a camera and an Opsis board permanently running so we can test firmware and software at any time without having physical access to the material.

Provisioning & configuration management

We will try to get a basic Ansible setup started. We will also try to work on debian-installer for provisioning. FAI has been really helpful, but we've come to term with the fact we are not using it as it was intended to be.

Docs & wiki

We want to move our documentation from the DebConf wiki to the Debian wiki. All new documentation should be put there and we need to tag the relevant documentation on DebConf wiki for transfer.


Our current archive solution is problematic since it does not handle any form of metadata. We don't think we'll be able to work on this during the sprint, but we know it's very important for things like subtitling.


One of the problems we have with streaming is that we have to ask access each time we need something to be done.

The solution would be to be able to use something like an cloud admin panel. We are thus envisioning is something like Amazon EC2 instances where we can simply spin out VMs everywhere in the world for the 6 weeks we need them.


We want to package Opsis related stuff and some Voctomix stuff like voctomix-outcast.

We also wrote some systemd unit files that we might want to add to the voctomix package.

Shipping & Storage

Debian France set up a UPS account recently. We could use that instead of asking people to act as mules.

Andy proposed to store our hardware. IRILL might get too crowded if we buy tons of new stuff.


At the moment, we are using Veyepar, but it's badly documented and the UI is not very intuitive.

We might want to look at other solutions, but we are not sure if we'll have time.

What we actually did

Planning aside, we worked on a few important things:

  • Ivo worked updating our Debian-Installer config (provisionning)
  • I worked on our new ansible configuration
  • Andy worked on making the Turbot SBC work and on our hardware buy list
  • Stefano worked on packaging, although it seems his work did was not required for the videoteam after all, but fxload is now better anyway :D
  • Holger mainly worked on Reproducible builds stuff as far as I can tell
  • Nicolas wasn't around much (he's got a day job :D) but started working on our streaming issues