2023 — A Musical Retrospective

2024-01-09 - Louis-Philippe Véronneau

I ended 2022 with a musical retrospective and very much enjoyed writing that blog post. As such, I have decided to do the same for 2023! From now on, this will probably be an annual thing :)


In 2023, I added 73 new albums to my collection — nearly 2 albums every three weeks! I listed them below in the order in which I acquired them.

I purchased most of these albums when I could and borrowed the rest at libraries. If you want to browse though, I added links to the album covers pointing either to websites where you can buy them or to Discogs when digital copies weren't available.

Once again this year, it seems that Punk (mostly Oï!) and Metal dominate my list, mostly fueled by Angry Metal Guy and the amazing Montréal Skinhead/Punk concert scene.


A trend I started in 2022 was to go to as many concerts of artists I like as possible. I'm happy to report I went to around 80% more concerts in 2023 than in 2022! Looking back at my list, April was quite a busy month...

Here are the concerts I went to in 2023:

  • March 8th: Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  • April 11th: Alexandra Stréliski
  • April 12th: Bikini Kill
  • April 21th: Brigada Flores Magon, Union Thugs
  • April 28th: Komintern Sect, The Outcasts, Violent Way, Ultra Razzia, Over the Hill
  • May 3rd: First Fragment
  • May 12th: Rhapsody of Fire, Wind Rose
  • May 13th: Aeternam
  • June 2nd: Mortier, La Gachette
  • June 17th: Ultra Razzia, Total Nada, BLEMISH
  • June 30th: Avishai Cohen Trio
  • July 9th: Richard Galliano
  • August 18th: Gojira, Mastodon, Lorna Shore
  • September 14th: Jinjer
  • September 22nd: CUIR, Salvaje Punk, Hysteric Polemix, Perestroika, Ultra Razzia, Ilusion, Over the Hill, Asbestos
  • October 6th: Rancoeur, Street Code, Tenaz, Mortimer, Guernica, High Anxiety

Although metalfinder continues to work as intended, I'm very glad to have discovered the Montréal underground scene has departed from Facebook/Instagram and adopted en masse Gancio, a FOSS community agenda that supports ActivityPub. Our local instance, askapunk.net is pretty much all I could ask for :)

That's it for 2023!